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Design your life purpose using science

Life purpose

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What is uuness?

Discover your life purpose and live happier. We’re a unique service aiming to inspire you to refine, define and clarify your life purpose, then translate that theory into practical, grounded reality. Know what you are aiming for and/or creating in life and ensure you are presenting your purpose well to the world. Find your life purpose using science. 

Find life purpose

The Why? (Science)

Empirical science has proven that a clearer purpose gives you a longer, happier, healthier, wealthier life. Check out the research.

What do I compare it to? Therapy? Coaching? Mentoring? Goal setting?

All and none. It draws on principles from these things but it’s a “new” (15 years old) process. Learn more about the people behind uuness.

Design your life purpose

What do I get from this?

A deep and refined clarity and sense of direction. You will likely live the rest of your life feeling peace and clarity about yourself and the way you interact with the world around you.  Book an initial 30 minute purpose consultation.

Who does this?

CEO’s, senior management, consultants, artists and authors wanting to create/have more life clarity or start a new business or find a new career.

View testimonials and a list of people who have done uuness. Also check out our growing library of thought provoking quotations on life purpose. And you may also like to look at our 30 video purpose exercises designed to help you gain clarity and motivation.

Discover your Purpose
"The purpose of life is to discover your purpose and get on with the business of living it out" Opran Winfrey