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About uuness

“I AM? I AM. I AM!”

Hi, and welcome to uuness, thanks for coming. We’re here to help you define your why and your personal style. You’re most likely someone who is thinking ‘what next for me?’, you are looking for meaning, your true meaning, your quiddity, which means, your uuness. It’s not indulgent – it promotes a better longer life – it should be the essential third stool to exercise, good food…but purpose is missing and needs to be the third triad.

A bit stuck? Well done!  You’ve found exactly the right place. We’re here to help you clarify your future, like we have done for people from all walks of life, e.g. people starting a new business, that have been made redundant, to Chief Executives of companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Vistage in New York. Take a look at their references here.

We now know, scientifically,  that life purpose promotes so many health benefits, 15 years ago we could not say that. It keeps you happier and more resilient – people with purpose are less likely to get depressed and not respond as badly to tough times. People with just a slightly clearer purpose are 50% more likely to not relapse with a drug addiction.  It promotes better biochemistry – here are just some of the health benefits  lower stroke, less heart disease, lower production of cancer cells and  better cholesterol. And it helps people cope with disease e.g. those with a higher life purpose are less likely to get Alzeimer’s.

It’s a very private thing to feel a bit lost in life:  it can feel like you’re on your own.  But you’re absolutely not! The research shows that feeling this way is common.

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Who we've worked with

We work with individuals, here are some of the organisations that they work for.

There's a process to purpose

It's your journey, we help you map the route

Jake Pearce is an Oxford University-trained Human Scientist. Human Sciences is the “science of man”. He became passionate about the question “who am I?” because his work in advertising, innovation and communication often meant he worked with CEOs, authors and artists. They often wanted to be better ‘brands’ but Jake realised that personal branding is half the story and social media exposes that. Ideally, you need to do both your life purpose and your personal style, doing one or the other is really helpful but both are perfect.

Imagine your life is a journey and you are on a boat. The boat needs to have a destination or you will be wondering about lost. That destination is your life purpose. And in addition you need to know what the “style” of the journey is. For example – what does it feel like on the boat? What sort of music is playing? What sort of boat is it?

If you know where your boat is going and the style in which you will travel then you have sorted both your life purpose and your personal style. And that’s what we aim to do. But if you want to focus on your personal style first and do the purpose piece later, that’s okay. It’s why we’ve created a simple personal style template for people on a budget.

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Why have a purpose word?

Why have a purpose word? And how is it created?

There are two main reasons. It’s quite profound. If you don’t have a word for something, you can’t really ‘see it’ in your mind. For example, the eskimos have about fifty words for snow. This means that they ‘see’ different types of snow, whereas to us it’s basically wet snow or dry snow. So personal style and purpose words make things clear in your mind.

Secondly having your own word is more economical. Here’s a simple example. Let’s take a word just a simple word we take for granted – the word quietly. If we didn’t have that word, everytime we wanted to say “quietly” we would have to say he/she/it moved without any noise. It’s longer. Personal style words and purpose words are a “hack”for your brain to “get things faster”.

Because most people are a mixture of traits we often create a personal style word from the existing words. The same is true of life purpose – we create a  word but not always. It depends on the person. For example, for one of our clients in the referral video their life purpose word is catalyse. But lets look at the “made up” words. 

Now when we say they are made up, we use the science of semiotics (the science of meaning) to create and then test three different purpose words or three different personal style words. That way we know which one is best for you. 

Here’s an example. Jake Pearce’s style word is “croi” which combines creative, original and inspiring. His life purpose word is comapo – which means to co-create new madrigal potential ie new stuff that no-one has thought of with others.

People sometimes ask if purpose words or personal style words change.  Absolutely, a new life experience might reveal that your purpose can be even clearer. As we get older, science tells us that some of our traits change. For example – we know from science that people become less extrovert over time. 

So we offer a service to revisit your words every few years. 

In addition, there’s a process behind forming these words.  It’s a process based on the science of meaning, semiotics. So it’s not just ‘make up any old word’; it’s about engineering existing words, or creating a new word that works with your mental schemata.

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Is uuness right for you?

Over the years we’ve learned that this process is right for about 80% of the people who are interested in it.  We’ve learnt that there are some key questions that indicate suitability for the process.  This is a private process for you.  At this stage,  we don’t need to know your name or your answers.  We’ll leave you to decide privately whether you want us to work with you.

Answer the following the questions, and score yourself as indicated.

Do you currently have any mental health problems which have been diagnosed? Yes – 9 points or No – 1 point

If 9 is serious and 1 is not serious where are you on the scale? If you are 3 or below, we can more than happily help you. If the number is 4 or more please go here.

The only exception is your mental health.  If you have mild mental health issues, then you’ll be okay with the positivity needed for uuness.  

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Our approach to life purpose

Design your life, engineer your brand

To be honest it is a little like Colonel Sanders with his secret recipe, but there are some broad principles which we will outline. The approach blends semiotics (the science of meaning), psychology and behaviourism. A question we are often asked is will this life purpose operate at home and in my career? Yes, is the answer.

We use life journaling with a twist, we look at your life through all of your senses. Why do we do this? You have about 20,000 unconscious thoughts a second and about 7 conscious ones. We often find the clues to purpose lie in something unknown, in the past, that you are unaware of.   Then you connect the dots to your current situation. For example, we had a client who ran gyms across Germany, and it was only by accessing the ‘smell’ of his school sports dressing room that he found his ‘why!’

He realised he wanted to use his psychological and sports skills to help give children increased life confidence earlier in their life. The smell of the locker room for him triggered something deep within him, he realised he wanted to feel more confident at that time and the coaching style was all about beating the team up as opposed to bringing them on. As a result, he lost confidence in sport which was the exact opposite of what he wanted. 

Without our comprehensive approach, he never would have found that.

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Our approach to personal style

Discover your personal style

Here we give you the opportunity to define yourself using Jungian archetypes, which are universal across human civilisations. We then give you the opportunity to define yourself using a set of words; and ask your close old friends, close new friends and family to describe you in a set of words.

We then move onto a uuboard where we ask you to be represented by different objects. There are some objects which we use constantly like cars, glasses, doors, pens and houses. And there are other objects which flow from our conversation.

The end result is a board of images, sounds and smells that define who you are.

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So what do you get?

Life purpose, personal branding

Your choices…

  • A Personal style word or Purpose word
  • Both a personal style or purpose word visual ident
  • A purpose word piece of music composed for you
  • A purpose translated into a gif with your visual and music

You get a unique word that resonates with you. Think of your favorite song, it works for you every time. It’s like that. A perfect word created using semiotics to ‘hack’ your brain into purpose. We have three different approaches to creating words – word DJing, metaphor mashing and channeling. At the end of the process, you get a purpose statement that operates across your home and work life. For example, Jake’s is:

“I exist to co-create, madrigal potential, to help people find their best self that they could not access” (comapo)

His personal style word is croi = creative, original and inspiring.

His uuness ident is  

How do we get these words right?

Once we’ve gone through the process, we test your purpose word or personal style word.  We test it using what we call a ‘road test’.

For two weeks you go through life doing the small things and the big things and you ask your purpose word or personal style word what it would do. If you aren’t sure of something, you ask your word: it works like a guide. Your personal style word is tested too: does it help you solve problems, for example how to run a meeting?

And we can go further than a word. The further you go, the better the outcome will be. Many people are visual – so we design a visual ident to represent your personal style or life purpose. For personal style you can think of it as your logo, packed with symbolism that fires your brain into gear. For life purpose, you can think of it as your personal coat of arms, it represents, visually the best you can be with true purpose.

And we can go yet further than that. We work with the music producer of Tubular Bells to create a piece of music that hacks your brain into an emotional state of being on purpose. If you wish, we can put all of this together in a piece of personal animation, word, ident and music that keeps you on track whenever you want to check-in.

The further you “go”, the better the lasting impact will be on your life. It’s up to you and we can talk through options in the consultation.

Get started here.

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