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There’s so much evidence about the power of purpose, it can be overwhelming. We’ve given a list of key resources on the science of purpose here. What we call “Easy reads”, or “Easy views” are a selection of articles or videos that give you an overview and they are at the top of the list.

If you want to delve deeper into the benefits of purpose – we’ve provided links from “high science” and “scientific summaries” and philosophy.

  • Life purpose & higher wealth
  • Life purpose, physical & mental health, longer life and disease prevention
  • Life purpose & happiness
  • Life purpose & relationships,
  • Life purpose & neuroscience

At uuness we are always, always, open to new learning. If you think we’ve missed something, (especially your research or blog!)  please drop us a note at or and we’ll review what you’ve sent us and add to the list!


From Forbes

How can younger people navigate life more effectively?

Purpose and happiness

Finding purpose

The power of purpose and why it matters

How to find your purpose

Purpose and happiness

Purpose and health

From Time

A good hub of articles about purpose, happiness and other things

New York Times

Meaning is more important than happiness

Reflections on purpose


Having a sense of purpose adds years to your life

The secret to a meaningful life


CNN – Personal and corporate purpose

CNN – Purpose and health


Purpose and happier life

Sydney Morning Herald

Purpose is more important than happiness

Do we need a purpose to be happy?

Canadian National Post

Find a purpose and you will live longer

New Scientist

New Scientist
Health and life purpose

Benefits of life purpose

Superb overview of purpose

Psychology today – the 10 key benefits

The importance of life purpose

Informative Scientific Videos

Victor Strecher on life purpose

Are you looking for life purpose in the right places?

Ken Millar – Life turnaround specialist

Overview of the science of Gratitude

Rick Hanson – Hard wiring happiness

Life Purpose and higher wealth

National Library of Medicine – higher purpose leads to higher wealth

Higher life purpose and longer-term wealth

Higher life purpose predicts higher household income

Purpose and economic success

Life purpose, physical & mental health, longer life and disease prevention

Harvard – purpose can lead to a longer life

Purpose linked to Lower cause mortality

CNBC – longer life and purpose

Psychology today – longer life and purpose

National Library of Medicine – the data

University College London

Neuro science news discussed longer life and purpose

Why does having a purpose predict a longer life?

Purpose helps prevent Alzheimer’s

Purpose lowers stroke incidence

Purpose protects the heart

Purpose lowers anxiety

Purpose can reduce your risk of cardiac problems

Higher Sense of Life Purpose Reduces Heart Problems

Life purpose and the association with cancer

Life purpose and ageing

Relationships between Mindfulness, Purpose in Life, Happiness, Anxiety, and Depression: Testing a Mediation Model in a Sample of Women

Increased mental health and life purpose

Higher purpose is associated with lower depression rates and anxiety

Stronger immune system

Purpose and cognitive function

Life purpose and Happiness

UCLA purpose and happiness

Happiness and wealth in lower income adults

Happiness and work life

Happiness and life meaning

A deep dive overview of happiness and what drives it

Purpose and happiness

People at every age of life who have a life purpose are happier

Scientific research into purpose and happiness

Life Purpose and Relationships

Summary of Richard Leider people on purpose are more engaged in relationships

Life purpose and lower loneliness

Lower joint purpose and goals lead to higher divorce rates

Life purpose and neuroscience

The neuroscience of purpose

How life purpose can change the brain

Why finding life purpose is important for brain health

Brain health and life purpose

Brain wiring and health

Neurological benefits of life purpose

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