Who has done uuness?

Senior Managers, CEO's and full-time Parents

How do you find your life purpose has been a question for many. We’ve done uuness with Members of the largest CEO personal development organisation in the world (TEC/Vistage), for many CEO’s (e.g. the CEO of Saatchi) and senior management (e.g. at HSBC and PWC.) We’ve done this work with artists and leading authors. We’ve done this work with over 100 people.

It’s quite a private process and not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal details, however some people are comfortable talking about uuness publicly

If you wish to ask any of our past-clients a question about the uuness process, get in touch and we will connect you. You may also like to listen to testimonials.

  • Jonathan Russell – Ex CEO Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Doctor Richard London – Global Motivational Coach
  • Hugh Baker, ex head of global strategy HSBC
  • Paul Nathan, ex financial head of strategy for UK Railpen, now Triad advisory
  • Mark Taylor – Runs 20 Groups for TEC/Vistage in New York
  • Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Australia-NZ celebrity
  • Simon O’Shaughnessy – Innovation/Change expert 
  • Head of Global  innovation for Lion Nathan
  • CEO – Head of Australia-NZ Healthcare company
  • CEO – Canadian/US Refrigeration/Engineering systems company
  • CEO – Leading Canadian communications Company
  • CEO – UK Firm customising travel for high net worth
  • Head of New business for PWC – Australia/NZ
  • Marketing Lead – Vodafone Global
  • IDG – Senior Transformation Leader Global
  • Marketing Lead of a European Gym Chain
  • Award winning Business Author – US/Europe
  • Leading UK Celebrity Motivational Coach – UK
  • Artist – Leading European conceptual artist
  • Musician – Trance DJ who plays across Europe/USA

Navigating the next chapter of your life and want to know how to find your life purpose? Please get in touch.

How to find your purpose