What is uuness?

Common Questions

Here are some common questions – Is it therapy or counselling? Is it coaching? Is it mentoring? Is it goal setting?  uuness uses tools from all of these disciplines but it isn’t any of them and here is why. In short – we do work with you over a set number of sessions and recommend you review your uuness once every six months.

Is it therapy? Is it counselling?

We use psychological principles in the process to find your life purpose. However, we aren’t here to help you resolve life long personal problems, depression, anxiety or other mental disorders. You won’t be talking to us over a protracted period. If you look under the process you’ll see how we use psychology. But we also use semiotics, the science of meaning (semiotics) which has nothing to do with psychology.

In short? We’re not trying to fix you!

Is it mentoring?

Mentoring is when a mentor provides knowledge and their life skills to help someone else. In this sense it is mentoring because we are applying the uuness process and our skills with a client to a clear end. However, most mentors are with their clients for a long period of time. Mentors teach a wide range of subjects we don’t, we’re focussed on finding your life purpose. 

In short? uuness draws on tools, techniques and approaches from all of the above but it’s outcome is very specific and focussed.

Is it goal setting?

Have you ever set goals that you just don’t achieve? You need a strong why to drive the outcome. Millions of people around the world set a goal of losing weight every January and few achieve it. But let’s look at the facts. Only 20% of people set goals. And of those people, only 30% achieve the goals they set.

In fact, the problem is deep seated. We set goals with the idea of a reward but then the brain kicks in and tells us how much effort is involved. Then, we stall. The overarching problem is that we lack a big why. And the big why, is purpose. 

In short? If you find your big why you are much more likely to realise your goals.

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