What are the benefits of uuness?

“I am? I am. I am!”

You will have a happier, healthier, longer, wealthier life as proven by empirical science.

The true extent of the physical and emotional benefits that you will experience during this process remain largely unknown. You should know that as you embark on this journey, you will be creating results that have the power to positively impact the future of the entire human race.

Preventative Physical benefits

A one point increase in your life purpose clarity (on a scale from 1 to 7) gives you a 27% lower chance of heart attack, a 22 % lower risk of stroke and a 12 % lower chance of death. People who exist with purpose live much longer lives. This is all backed up by research.

Emotional Benefits

Greater clarity in your life purpose gives you a sense of calm and inner peace. This contributes to better relationships, better habits and healthier behaviours.

Financial Benefits

Financial – A clearer purpose correlates to higher wealth and attaining greater prosperity. This comes from a greater propensity to pursue one’s long term goals, which in turn creates an accrual of assets.