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Finding Your Purpose Resources: Explore more deeply

If you’ve been inspired by what you have read/seen so far, then these finding your purpose resources can help you to expand your mind further as you decide whether or not uuness is for you.

If you want to understand the research behind finding purpose visit our research page.

We would recommend you buy Ken Robinson’s New York Times selling book. After you’ve done that, join one of the many “Find your purpose” Facebook groups

The problem with books though, is that you are in an echo chamber. If you aren’t guided, you can get stuck, fast. So we’d recommend you read Ken Robinons’s book AND join an online Facebook group about life purpose. There are a lot to choose from, some have a religious orientation, some an Eastern orientation and some are neutral. However, it will allow you to “test/discuss” your thinking. The Groups seem to be very friendly and well intentioned.

Beyond that, we’ve designed these ‘finding your purpose’ resources to help you on your journey to life purpose. Here is what’s on offer: 

  1. 100 purpose quotes. Designed to inspire and provoke thinking and action.
  2. Purpose in relation to happiness, wealth and how people find their purpose 
  3. uuness book summaries do what it says on the tin – they summarise books about purpose
  4. uuness YouTube has activites and other resources.
  5. 30 minute purpose consultation with uuness guide.

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Here are a handful of short purpose exercises narrated by Jake Pearce, Founder of uuness.

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