Scientific research on purpose

Here is the key data that shows having a clearer purpose gives you a longer healthier life and defense against disease. Click here to view & download the research.

It’s  overwhelming how much evidence there is on the internet. Here are a few links.

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  5. Study of 7000 adults and health benefits
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  7. Stroke reduction
  8. Lower risk of stroke and lower mortality

uuness research on purpose shows most people don’t have a purpose! And dont know how to find it.

We wanted to know what made a happy life. Our research confirmed what Emily Esfahini Smith, happiness science guru says. “A meaningful life is a happy life.”

You aren’t alone if you don’t know your purpose.  It’s mad that we’re sending rockets to space but don’t have a method to help people with their purpose.  The research shows that about three quarters of people don’t know their life purpose or have found it randomly.

We know that once you’re earning more than US$50000 per year, wealth makes no difference to happiness. While many people earn less than that, they believe clear purpose drives wealth.