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How uuness has helped others find life purpose

Quotes from the video referrals:

“I wasn’t sure that I was dancing to my tune or somebody else’s tune. And so consequently, I thought that getting a stronger sense of my innermost driving forces and my purpose would be a useful thing for me to do. It’s almost like a corporate detox.”

“The timing was just right. I was just leaving full time employment, starting a freelance career in a new business. My kids had left home and gone to university. So it felt like a kind of, you know, threshold lifestyle change. And I wanted to just kind of clear about who I was and what I was doing so that I could kind of bring my whole self, my authentic self to my working life.”

“John, who ran the process, for me produced this lovely book cover, and it was the book cover of my future autobiography, which embedded this kind of purpose phrase into the title.  I printed it out and put it next to my computer at home. And, you know, again, another touchstone.”

“I think if I had done something like uuness earlier in my life, I would have gone, ‘foolish, man dentistry is not for you!”‘

“It’s an exploratory journey that you go on. It’s like a discovery of your call. And, it for me, it worked particularly well, because there was a lot of pictures. And my brain tends to work that way.”

“I think it’s a deep immersion experience that actually touches much more of who you are, and therefore has huge value.”

“Jake helped me come up with a word, a unique word, and a way of being that has changed my life.”

“And if you don’t know what that purpose is, or can’t articulate it, you will be risking being out of balance.”

“I think it’s a deep immersion experience. I thought it was really good in that it provides enough structure to get to a definitive result in six sessions, but nevertheless, had wide enough guide rails to allow you to go off-piste where necessary. I couldn’t falt it, actually, I got so much out of the sessions.”


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