Personal Branding Template

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Personal style versus personal brand

The idea of a personal brand is now outdated. It’s a very wooden concept – it’s useful for products and simple services. Here’s a simple analogy. Classical music has a set score basically Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos will be more or less the same every time they are played. However jazz will be different every time it’s played, there are recurring themes but it will vary.

People are like jazz. We improvise our behavior but without an anchor of recurring themes, we can get lost. In real terms we don’t know how to present ourselves to the world, what social media is “me” versus not “me”, how do I present in interviews? What do I do to keep my name alive yet consistent? As we move from teens to early adult hood these questions are really important and we don’t always know the answers.

That’s why we developed uuness style. It allows you to find four words that define you and then apply them to multiple domains in your life – e.g. work, home, relationships, and so on. It guides you to express those words in your life so you know what you are doing and focus on three things.

Most famous people are famous for just three things at most. Take Tom Cruise – he does his own stunts, he has a reputation for taking on challenges which are really difficult and being very fit.

Personal style process

It’s a self-driven tool that you download. It has the following phases:

If I were to decorate a house what would it look like? What are the key word that
define how I’d decorate it?

Looking at archetypes – which ones are closest to me and choose the words
associated with them

Decide on four words that best define my style

Apply those words to my life and translate them into actions

Some comments:

“It’s a really simple tool to get you ready for going into the workforce. It helped me
ensure I knew how to present myself in interviews” Sarah

“My job is in media so it’s really important you have a web presence. But I kept
second-guessing myself about how I should turn up online. This tool gave me the
clarity to be consistent” Tom

“ I just wasn’t quite sure of myself, I’d find I’d be different with different people and
I sort of didn’t quite know what was me. uuness really helped me know who my
true self is.” John