Pippa Turley

“I am? I am. I am!”

I am Pippa Turley, a 58-year-old mum of three and an Age-Group Triathlete for Great Britain. I have competed at World and European Championship level for over 10 years now and initially started my international career competing for New Zealand as I am a dual citizen. 

After uni, I began a career in sports marketing and sponsorship, working on both grassroots and elite sporting events. Working on the 2005 Lions Tour of New Zealand and the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final in Auckland were a couple of the highlights.

When the kids became a bit older, I decided to get some personal training qualifications with Future Fit to start providing fit camps and running clubs in my local area. A couple of years ago, however, I discovered Whole-Body EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Training. I added two sessions of EMS to my normal triathlon training and had fantastic results. I felt stronger, resolved a lower back issue I had and raced into silver medal position at the World Championship qualifying race.

I was so convinced that EMS helped me, I became a Master Trainer in it with leading EMS equipment provider XBody and now run my own EMS instructor business helping others feel the benefits. I am also the distributor for XBody equipment here in the UK and Ireland.

As a competitive triathlete and someone who helps others get fit, the best advice I’ve discovered is Mel Robbins and her ‘5 Second Rule’ which says as humans we are designed to conserve energy and avoid doing the uncomfortable. We have to do the uncomfortable to become the best version of ourselves. uuness is a tool to help us stay true to ourselves.

Uuness deals with the mind but so much of keeping on track is to ensure the body that encloses the mind is in good health, the one can’t work without the other. I aim to provide the context to ensure that the two are joined up.