Personal Branding

Here’s a super fast way to do your personal brand ? It’s the easiest one we’ve found that’s ground in science.

Hi, you want a personal branding template. There are a lot of books out there about personal branding but they are usually based on a false assumptions. (Sorry books, authors but this is based on data.) The key thing is it’s much easier to get your personal brand, without doing your personal brand! 

An overview of the personal branding template.

Our template follows the scientific evidence. It’s very hard to nail your personal brand by thinking about yourself. You have to externalise it. As a result, our personal branding template has three exercises and you use them to establish the four words that define you. First, you design your dream house. Second, you use universal archetypes to understand your personality. Thirdly, you apply those four words to your life to get your behaviors correct.