It is life coaching but it draws on other things...

It's a "new, specialist profession"

It’s so much easier to understand something if it has a clear box. The truth is that our work is a new box but it’s derived from other boxes. Mostly, we will cover how it relates to life coaching, therapy, mentoring and goal setting.

Imagine a world before “game design” was a profession. Game designers would struggle to explain it. They would probably say it was a mixture of being a visual artist, being good with computers and story telling, and yet, many people would still not understand it. The same is true of a new type of music. Anything truly new needs time to be understood. While we’ve been doing this for 15 years, it’s still far from being mainstream. 

So back to life coaching, therapy, mentoring and psychology; we aren’t aware that any of the above professions specialise in life purpose. Some life coaches help you find your path in life but honestly, they aren’t specialists in the field as we are, they don’t have a unique process. They tend to focus on the outcome but not the why.

If there was a psychologist who specialised in life purpose – they could claim it but they don’t draw from semiotics so the offer would be half cooked.

There are coaches who help hugely with goal setting and try to help you to find your why, but they don’t specialise in it and they don’t draw on the deep principles of finding the unconscious in the way that we do.  

It boils down to being a specialist. A roofer could try their hand at a thatched roof without it being their specialty.

A beer brewer could make perfect Ale, but could they make a Belgian beer with a history and exact process? 

We’ve devoted years to refining the process with all sorts of people and ensuring science powers that process and we are always learning. We’d vouch, we know more about it than any other school of thought or organisation on the planet. 

In short – finding your life purpose is a rare and special thing and we’ve combined science, passion and experience to turn it into a profession. It’s very simple, and yet very complicated and subtle at the same time. It requires true dedication which is what we offer.