“I am? I am. I am!”

Finding your life calling and purpose is probably one of the best investments you will make. It will give you better health, happiness, relationships, clarity and it’s linked to higher levels of wealth. Our aim is to help as many people as possible realise their purpose, so we have a range of services to suit different people.

We aim to match a client’s budget with their outcomes. In simple terms the more you want to internalise your purpose, the more we can do. When we get to uuness 5 & 6 we create your own “personal coat of arms” and “music” to keep you on track. The best way to find the right approach for you is to book an hour long consultation with us which costs 50 GBP.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to working with uuness we’ve created a resource centre for you, which summarises books and creates links to online Facebook purpose groups . You can also take the free life purpose test

Offering Who for? What do you get? Time investment from us and you Investment
uuness Personal Style
People either embarking on their careers who need on-line presence/interview preparation OR people looking for that next promotion.
Find your four words to help you present yourself consistently and clearly online, in person and with people you care about.
Self directed – on average it takes 3-4 hours to find your four words.
uuness1 Find Flow
People who have done what they are good at but it’s not working i.e. it’s not making you happy.
A systematic audit of your hidden points of flow which is the key to purpose. It will uncover new life directions you haven’t thought of.
Two 1:1 sessions. On average you will invest 4 hours of your own time.
uuness2 Purpose in Theory
People who feel there is “more to life than this” but can’t put their finger on what it is.
Your life purpose in theory, based on science, so you can translate it into reality. We provide one word to capture this idea. This will allow you to "pivot” in a new direction that makes you happier.
Six 1:1 sessions. On average this will take 6 hours of your own time.
uuness3 Purpose in Theory and Practice
People leaving corporate who want to define their “third age” which could be a new career or a new business.
Life purpose in theory, captured as a word, and translated into an exact reality. We generate 11 possible futures for you and use these to filter it down to the exact reality you will create.
Ten 1:1 session. On average you will invest 10 hours of your own time.
uuness4 Purpose Theory, Practice & Aids
Visionaries who want to undertake a purpose which has big goals and aims to change society or disrupt industries.
Life purpose in theory, translated into reality (including your own word) with your own personal “coat of arms” i.e. a visual plus an edited track list of your favourite moments/sounds from 20 tracks.
Twelve 1:1 sessions with an evening listening to your favourite music. You will need to invest 14 hours of your time.

29 GBP uuness personal style – finding four words to define you

This product is a self driven system that helps you define yourself in four words. It’s aimed at younger people who want to know how to present themselves in the world at the start of their career or at the point you are looking for the next job. . It’s a better approach to personal branding, which is wooden. We take your four words and then apply them to different areas of your life which guide you to know what to present on social media, in job interviews, in your relationships and your behaviour. If you are someone looking to leave University and enter the workforce, this is for you. Get a copy of the style template here.

300 GBP uuness1 – find your hidden flow

This is for people on a budget who need to find hidden points of flow in their life. Flow, according to science, is a key to help you find your purpose. It puts you on the right track. This is really useful for people who have had a career based on “what I’m good at” but this doesn’t necessarily make you happy. If you find flow, and you are on a budget, this will give you new possibilities to consider

800 GBP uuness2 – find your life purpose in theory

This has been used by CEO’s and senior management and artists. It provides you with your theoretical purpose, this is then translated into one unique word that operates across all areas of your life. If you in a corporate and you want to leave but you aren’t quite sure what your purpose is, then this is for you. It will give you your life purpose which you can then work on and translate into reality.

1200 GBP uuness3 – find your life purpose in theory and practice

This is our core experience which has been used by CEO’s, senior management and artists. It provides you with your theoretical purpose, this is then translated into one unique word that operates across all areas of your life. We then translate this purpose into reality. We offer you a series of personal futures based on your life purpose in theory. For example – if you want to help children gain confidence through sport, which means you feel in flow and it will lead to more rounded youth – then this asks, what age? What sport? Where? What is your scale of ambition? If want to re-invent yourself for your “third age”, then this is for you.

2500 GBP uuness4 – life purpose in theory, practice with your own “coat of arms” and your own edited “musical anthem”

Science shows us that having a visual, like your own personal coat of arms, ingrains your purpose at a deeper level. This includes all the features of uuness3 ie theoretical purpose, purpose word and purpose translated into practical reality. It’s particularly valuable to people who are highly visual as the logo is designed using semiotics (the science of meaning) to jolt you back into purpose. Imagine how a breath-taking view impacts you. Now imagine having a personal purpose image that moves you emotionally, that’s what uuness4 offers. But it goes further. We know music “jolts” you into state by changing your brain waves. This created mindset allows you to stay positive and in flow. But everyone’s “personal theme tune” is waiting to be discovered by selecting and editing up to 20 tracks you love into your own anthem. If you are a visionary, with a huge ambitious goal in front of you, you need to live your purpose daily. This unique approach will jolt you into state every morning – keeping you inspired, inspiring, on track (literally) to create your vision.