Ian Turley

“I am? I am. I am!”

I’m Ian, 55 years old and happily married for 29 years to the most amazing person I know, Pippa. We have 3 Children, plus the customary two dogs and a cat. I’m from fairly humble beginnings having been raised in Gloucestershire with Parents who sacrificed much to give my brother and I ever opportunity within their means to better ourselves. Above all they taught me humility, to value to what you have and to strive for what you want.

I graduated with B.ED degree in Physical Education but quickly realised my passion was in Health & Fitness. I went on to have long as successful career spanning over 30 years’ operating Health Clubs in the UK and Overseas. I started when Jane Fonda was in vogue … yes, that long ago, and have witnessed the evolution of the leisure sector and in a very small way helped to shape it.

I met Jake whilst working for Les Mills, who successfully commercialised and brought Group Fitness to the masses, in New Zealand. Jake introduced me to the true value of ‘purpose’ and ‘self-efficacy’ whilst I was pursuing a project that allowed me to work with Children from broken homes and lacking a ‘father’ figure.

Together, we share a passion for open water swimming and more recently I’ve discovered the value of cold-water immersion and the teachings of Wim-Hof. Whilst our paths have often gone in different directions it seems that whenever I’ve felt vulnerable or needed reassurance, Jake and I would find each other … I guess the universe can be strange.

Throughout my career I’ve had a passion for fitness and helping people change their lives. My frustration has been seeing people fail on their fitness goals, coming slowly to the realisation that the fitness industry is in some part responsible for this.

My interest in active aging has awakened me to the importance of ‘purpose’ being an essential pillar of improved health, wellbeing and a longer life. I like to think that uuness found me and that I now have an opportunity to help support Jake with his life’s work to inspire people to find their life purpose and achieve clarity of direction. Perhaps along the way we will also inspire more people to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.