Does the process involve god?

There are many books written on this subject, at extreme some say you can only find purpose through God and your purpose is pre-ordained (Rick Warren’s best seller The Purpose Driven Life). While others say, there’s nothing wrong with finding your own purpose as long as you serve others as part of it. (Victor Strecher – Life on Purpose.) So, there are two questions to be answered here. One is the practical point of do we include God in our process and the other is the philosophical question and our position on it.

The practical answer is the same as dealing with pain. You can pray for the pain to go away and not take pain killers, or you can not pray and take pain killers, or you can do both and argue God gave us pain killers to help us with the problem. The latter argument is ours, we’re here to help you find your purpose. We accept any race, creed, gender, orientation, religious person or atheist. For people with a religious orientation, we provide additional exercises which engage God. 

The philosophical question is does the process include God? If you believe in God then everything in creation is his or hers or its – and so is uuness, so by doing uuness you are doing something made by God because everything is, it’s simply unavoidable!

If you don’t believe in God, then that’s fine. We did not explicitly consult God in the making of uuness we used our experience and science to put together the best process we could that would serve anyone regardless of background. 

And if the question is do we believe in God? Here is the answer, some of our facilitators have a formal religion, others are New Age and others are Atheists. We pair people with an orientation that best suits them.

Our job is to serve all humankind in finding purpose and not to discriminate. If we discriminate, then we can’t help as many people as possible to find purpose and that’s our purpose!