About the company

Jake Pearce leads the uuness team and founded the company, philosophy and idea. He went to Oxford University, and got an M.A. in Human Sciences (the science of man) which looks at all the disciplines of humanity to come to a synthesis. He pioneered a process for helping people find their life purpose in 2002 based on psychology, anthropology and semiotics. (Semiotics = The science of meaning.)

In 2002 he was a Director of Grey Advertising across Asia working on brand strategy, innovation and communication. He often felt brands were superficial as they were “external” not internal and authentic. And that lack of authenticity was starting to be “found out” due to the impact of social media. Jake met a leading US/Aus/NZ author, and had a revelation. The Author, like many of us was asking the question – what’s next? What’s my next book. Jake said “We’re human beings not human doings.” We need to ask who you are and then we’ll know what your next book should be. It’s Be, Do, Have. That was Jake’s a-ha moment, he realised that most of us ask: what we should do next, in life, in our job at home? We don’t ask the fundamental question – “who are we?” Who are we, if you are clear, drives your doing easily. Asking what should I do without direction is most likely to get you into a circle…should I do this? Could do? That? Could do. Maybe that? Possibly! Who are you guides the doing clearly, definitively and with conviction. It was this inspiration that lead to uuness.