About Us

What’s the purpose of uuness?

This may sound a bit naïve but it is what it is. uuness exists to help as many people in the world find purpose as quickly, easily and accurately as possible using empirical science.

Why uuness?

It’s very simple, and an eternal. There are three reasons:

 1. We believe that if people find purpose they will live happier, wealthier, more confident and longer lives. 

2. If people do 1 people will need less “stuff” to compensate for a lack of direction, they will be happier with less which means they can focus on purpose and not money. 

3. If we are happier with less, this will have a dramatic impact on our environment – we’ll use less resources because people need less stuff.

Our commitment

1. We give 10% of our profits to Oxigen, an organisation which reduces carbon impact. 
2. If people aren’t happy with our work or don’t get a result, we’ll give their money back in full. 
3. We will share the new science of purpose, the key learnings for free, via our book summaries and videos.

Jake Pearce

Jake Pearce

Founder & uuness Guide
Oxford University Human Sciences M.A.
Interdisciplinary The science of man
Background Market Research,
Innovation and Advertising

John Eyles

Co-Founder & uuness Guide
M.A. Art and Design
Artist, Educator and Businessman
Health, Learning and Technology,
Creativity and Innovation

Ian Turley

B.Ed Physical eductaion
Passionate about health and fitness
CMO/COO Holmes Place
EBITDa responsibility of 19 million

Pippa Turley

B.Ed (Hons) Physical Eduction
Passionate about mind body health
Triathlete representing UK and NZ
Xbody revolution in the UK